A peek into the atelier of Chanel

“The Secrets of the Little Black Jacket by Chanel” is a 2-minute-lasting movie about the sewing process of a couturier: from drawing to end result. The pictures are taken in Paris and the design comes from Karl Lagerfeld. The cut, the fit and the details are exactly imitated by Chanel. The movie is a short one, but well worth to check!

yellowtrace_Making-of-The-Jacket-in-CHANEL-Rue-Cambon-Paris_05 yellowtrace_Making-of-The-Jacket-in-CHANEL-Rue-Cambon-Paris_07 yellowtrace_Making-of-The-Jacket-in-CHANEL-Rue-Cambon-Paris_08 yellowtrace_Making-of-The-Jacket-in-CHANEL-Rue-Cambon-Paris_11_0


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